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How counselling can help

Maybe something has happened recently that is making life difficult for you or maybe you need something to change.  Maybe there are things you want to say that you can’t quite say to friends or family, or maybe others are finding it difficult to know how to support you if you do feel able to share with them.  Whether it be recent events, long term situations or your desire to explore; counselling can help.

Counselling can be for anyone regardless of what you want to discuss; no problem is too big or too small.  If how you feel or what you are experiencing is adversely affecting you and you are ready for something to change, talking to a counsellor can be the beginning of that process.

How Blue Daffodil Counselling can help


The reasons people experience depression can be complex. Regardless of the cause, those experiencing depression may have a reduced level of engagement in life.  Through our work together we can consider accessing and expressing hidden emotions which may feel lost to you, trapped inside, buried or locked away.  Together we can sensitively search for and explore what has been missing and find ways for you to safely re-engage with life.

Loss and Bereavement

The time following a loss or bereavement is often referred to as a time of mourning in which, it is hoped we experience and express our grief.  Your grief is personal to you and together we can carefully explore the sadness, confusion and anger that may be present for you and that are entirely natural.

It is never too late to grieve and maybe you felt unable to grieve at the time of your loss.  You may feel that unexpressed grief is held within you and consider that now is the time to release this.  Grief can be a painful experience and I will work with you to safely acknowledge your full experience of loss.

Relationship issues

Relationships come in many forms and whether it be a colleague, friend, child, partner, parent or friend any relationship can have times of struggle.  Problems in any relationship can be distressing and whilst some difficulties can be expected there may be times when the problems you are experiencing in your relationship are becoming increasingly difficult to cope with.

Together we can sensitively explore what is happening both in and around your relationship and the impact on you.  This may lead to a greater understanding of yourself and the situation and enable you to engage in the process of making changes.

Stress and Anxiety

Many people experience stress and anxiety, the symptoms of which can be concerning.  There is no need to cope with this alone.

In our time together I will work with you to explore stressful life events that may contributing to your anxiety levels.  Together we will consider what keeps things as they are and how changes can be made.  As part of working with your stress and anxiety we may also look at how you view yourself and work on your confidence.

Anxiety can reduce and you can feel more relaxed and confident in your life.


Speaking to anyone about the abuse you have experienced is a brave step.  Abuse is based in the control of a more vulnerable person and to consider being open about your experiences and the impact they have had on you may seem like returning to that position of vulnerability.  In our time together we will work on what is necessary for you to feel safe to explore, to the extent you feel able to.  We can take as many sessions as you find you need.  This work often continues for over a year and in some cases over many years.

The effects of abuse are far reaching and there is a possibility that our work will move into the areas of loss, relationships, anxiety and depression.  We have as much time as you feel able to give to this work and together we can work towards creating the future you want.

Stepping stones in Dovedale
Stepping stones in Dovedale

Sunset over Ladybower Reservoir
Sunset over Ladybower Reservoir